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    If your dog strays and is brought to Carrickfergus Dog Pound there will be a Reclaiming Fee of £20 (first day) and £5 per day thereafter. This is payable before your dog is returned to you. To adopt a dog from the Pound costs £30, plus the fee for a dog licence.
    +44 (28) 9335 1639
  • Profile picture of Antrim Dog Pound (Lisburn)
    All stray and unwanted dogs are housed in the Dog Kennels, Altona Industrial Estate, Hillsborough Old Road, Lisburn until such times as an owner reclaims his dog or the dogs are rehomed by the Wardens. Over 80% of dogs that pass through the Kennels annually are rehomed or placed in registered dog sanctuaries for rehoming
    +44 (28) 9260 9395 (Dog Wardens)
  • Profile picture of Armagh Dog Pound
    The Armagh Dog Pound looks after lost or stray dogs. It is our job to keep the dogs safe until their owner contacts us or if necessary, find the dogs a new home. TO RECLAIM - All stray dogs reclaimed within 24 hours of impounding will be subject to a £10.00 kennel fee. All stray dogs impounded for more than 24 hours will be subject to an additional £5.00 kennel fee for every day / or part day thereof that they are impounded REHOME - Unclaimed or unwanted dogs may be purchased for a fee of £20.00 or £50.00 if it is a pedigree dog with the relevant papers. UNWANTED DOGS - May be left at the dog kennels when open for a fee of £10.00 or they can be collected at the keepers home for a fee of £15.00. Unlicensed stray dogs reclaimed and dogs purchased from the Dog Warden will required to be licensed (£5.00) prior to release unless the dog is to be kept at a location outside the Armagh City and District Council area where the relevant Dog Control Authority will be notified. These dogs can also be micro-chipped prior to release and any dog can be micro-chipped during periods when the Dog Kennels are open to the public All persons reclaiming their stray dog will be liable to a fixed penalty depending on the circumstances surrounding the impounding of the dog at the discretion of the Dog Warden
    +44 (28) 3752 9623
  • Profile picture of Ashton Dog Pound (Dublin)
    Ashton Dog Pound provides Dublin city and county dog warden and pound service. Stray dogs will be taken by the dog warden to the dog pound where they must be kept for 5 days. TO RECLAIM - If you want to reclaim your dog, you will have to pay the Pound a reclaim fee of €20 plus a charge of €8 bed and board for each night your dog remains in the Pound. If you do not have a current dog licence you will have to buy one also for €20. REHOMING - You can get a dog, which is suitable for rehoming, from Ashton Pound for charge of €70 UNWANTED DOGS - You can bring an unwanted dog to Ashton Pound. The following surrender fees will apply: € 40.00 if the dog is brought up to the pound. € 50.00 if the dog has to be collected. DOG IDENTIFICATION - If you don't have an identification tag for your dog you can be fined €30 by the dog warden and if you don't pay the fine you can be prosecuted and receive a fine of up to €1,270 and / or 3 months imprisonment. Please note: From 1st August 2013 dogs from South Dublin County Council will be brought to Ashton Pound.
    +353 (1) 838 3236 / (1) 868 3038
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  • Profile picture of Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound
    Carlow Kilkenny Dog Pound Facebook page is not connected to the Carlow Kilkenny dog shelter, it is merely a place to get the images of the current dogs at the shelter seen by more people. Hopefully it will reduce the numbers who get pts. Please contact the dog pound directly if you will to inquire about any of the dogs you see.
    +353 (059) 9726785
  • Profile picture of Cavan Dog Pound
    Price to adopt: Dog license - €20 Additional fee of €20.
    +353 (49) 4337545
  • Profile picture of Chance (Kildare)
    Mirroring the work of Chance Wicklow to tackle the issue of the high kill rate at Kildare Pound. We hope to engage with the council and the ISPCA in order to photograph and profile every dog at the pound regularly here on our page.

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    Chance is a not-for-profit network of concerned dog rescuers and fosterers set up in 2012 to take a proactive approach to assisting and supporting new and existing agencies and State Departments to assess, advertise and rehome all stray and surrendered dogs
    +353 87 7112243 (mobile)
  • Profile picture of Clare Dog Pound
    Clare County Council monitors the dog control service in the county, which is implemented in conjunction with the ISPCA. There is one dog warden working full-time in County Clare and he is employed by the ISPCA. The dog pound is located at the Gort Road Industrial Estate PLEASE NOTE: This pound is the same as Ennis pound on this site
    +353 (65) 682 0393
  • Profile picture of Cork City Dog Pound
    Address: Link road, Mahon, Cork Please note the website and Facebook details here are for Cork SPCA who help rehome the dogs in the pound
    +353 (21) 4515534
  • Profile picture of Cork County Dog Pound

    +353 (21) 4515534
  • Profile picture of Derry Dog Pound
    Address: Pennyburn Industrial Estate, Pennyburn, Derry The Council charges kennelling fees of £3 per day and £10 administration costs plus the dog licence fee and veterinary fees, if applicable, for all dogs reclaimed or sold. A charge is levied for receiving or destroying unwanted dogs. The dog warden collects unwanted dogs at a rate of £10 per dog or they can be brought directly to the shelter for a reduced fee of £6.
    +44 (28) 71 261414
  • Profile picture of Donegal Dog Pound
    Fee to adopt: Dog License - €20 Additional Fee - €20
    +353 (74) 9125159
  • Profile picture of Ennis Dog Pound
    We are the dog pound in Ennis Co. Clare Wednesday evening is our main re-homing night its generally when we are at our busiest with re-home-able dogs and pups, But you are welcome to pop in any time(!!,)
    +353 (65) 682 0393
  • Profile picture of Galway Dog Pound
    Address: Ballybane Dog Pound, Tuam Road, Galway City
    +353 (91) 757094
  • Profile picture of Kerry Dog Pound
    Address: Kerry County Council Dog Pound, Matt Talbot Road, Tralee, Co. Kerry.
    +353 (66) 7183700
  • Profile picture of Kildare Dog Pound
    Kildare dog pound is located in Ballitore, Co. Kildare.
    +353 (59) 8623388
  • Profile picture of Laois Dog Pound

    +353 (57) 8734067 (Mobile: +353 86 2556298)
  • Profile picture of Leitrim Dog Pound

    +353 (71) 9648300
  • Profile picture of Limerick Dog Pound
    Assisting as many dogs as possible in Limerick area to find a new home or a space within a rescue centre, and to reunite lost/found dogs with their owner. We charge €50 to re home a dog. You will need a photo ID and a utility bill also. The dog will be chipped ,registered and licenced.
    +353 (61) 301604
  • Profile picture of Longford Dog Pound
    Please note the Dog Shelter Longford Facebook page below is run by the Midland Dog Welfare Group, and shows the dogs currently in the Longford Dog Pound. This page is not run by the County Council or any of its employees, it is run by volunteers.
    +353 (43) 33 43461/ + 353 (43) 33 43384
  • Profile picture of Louth Dog Pound

    +353 (42) 9382398
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  • Profile picture of Mayo Dog Pound

    +353 (94) 9381273
  • Profile picture of Meath Dog Pound (DUNBOYNE)
    Dogs in Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath Dog Pound have 5 days to be reclaimed by their owners from the day they were taken in as a stray. If they are not reclaimed, they will be up for adoption by the Meath Dog Pound, however, may be put to sleep if they are not adopted soon. All dogs that are rehomed are microchipped. There is a €80 rehoming fee which also covers their licence.  
    087 0676766
  • Profile picture of Monaghan Dog Pound

    +335 (42) 9664236 / 087 9634121 Dog Warden on 087 6623876
  • Profile picture of Mullingar Dog Shelter
    The Facebook page for Mullingar Dog Shelter is run voluntarily and not by any employees of Westmeath County Council. For all enquiries regarding the dogs please contact the pound directly. Hopefully it will help in the re-homing of the dogs and also help owners locate lost pets. Anyone wishing to adopt a dog must produce a dog licence and pay a re-homing fee of €30. All dogs over four months must have a licence.A dog licence costs €20 and can be purchased at your local Post Office or on line at:http://www.westmeathcoco.ie/doglicences/
    +353 44 9343934
  • Profile picture of Offaly Pound
    Address: Cappincur, Tullamore, Co. Offaly The following charges apply: Recovery charge for animal - €25.00 Dog shelter boarding charge per day or part of - €15.00 Dog surrender/destruction charge - €25.00 Re-homing charge - free
    +353 (57) 9351181
  • Profile picture of Roscommon Pound
    Address: ISPCA Dog Shelter, Rockfield, Donamon Co. Roscommon
    +353 (90) 6662992
  • Profile picture of Sligo Dog Shelter
    Many of the dogs we see at our shelter would make lovely family pets. It is our policy to endeavour to find new homes for as many of these dogs as possible. However please remember that taking on a dog is a big responsibility so please keep this in mind when thinking about re-homing a dog. The shelter is situated at Cullaghbeg, Drumcliffe. Take the N15 Bundoran road from Sligo. After passing through Drumcliffe the shelter is located at Cullaghbeg and is signposted on the main N15.
    +353 (71) 916 3320
  • Profile picture of South Tipperary Dog Rescue
    My name is Christine Griffiths and I run South Tipperary Dog Rescue. I mainly rescue dogs from South Tipperary Dog Pound and also Waterford Pound. These dogs are then sent over to England and rehomed there. Last year over 600 dogs were taken out of these two pounds and rehomed.
    087 6907057
  • Profile picture of Tipperary North Dog Pound
    Tipperary North Dog Pound are located in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Please note the Facebook page below has no affiliation with the dog pound and merely shows dogs from the council website that have been brought in. Please contact the pound directly if you wish to rehome or reclaim a dog.
    +353 (67) 33323
  • Profile picture of Tipperary South Dog Pound
    Tipperary South Dog Pound's council employs a full-time Dog Warden to operate the Dog Warden service. A dog pound has also been provided at Gambonsfield, Kilsheelan. The Dog License Fee is €20 and €400 for a General Dog License. The Lifetime Licence is €140. The Council will continue to vigorously enforce the provision of the Dogs Act during the coming year to ensure that dog owners are aware of the licensing and other requirements of the Act.

  • Profile picture of Waterford Dog Shelter
    Waterford Dog Shelter is situated at Bilberry. It is operated by Waterford City Council on behalf of Waterford county and city. The shelter is operated by Poundkeeper, Ms. Kate Wall, under the supervision of the City Council’s Environmental Services office. It is the policy of Waterford City Council to ensure that all dogs entering the shelter are treated humanely, and we make every effort to find suitable homes for dogs. Many unwanted puppies end up as stray dogs. We encourage responsible pet ownership and support the ISPCA campaign for spaying and neutering of pets.
    +353 (51) 872 247
  • Profile picture of Westmeath Dog Pound
    Westmeath Dog Pound is located in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. All dogs over four months must have a licence. A dog licence costs €20 and can be purchased at your local Post Office or on line at:http://www.westmeathcoco.ie/doglicences/ The cost of a "Lifetime of Dog Licence" is €140 and can be purchased from your Local County Council or on line: http://www.westmeathcoco.ie/doglicences/ The cost of a "General Dog Licence" for owners of multiple dogs is €400 and can be purchased from your Local County Council or on line: http://www.westmeathcoco.ie/doglicences/ A dog licence is valid for 12 months and you must be over 16 years of age to hold a dog licence. It is an offence to have a dog without a licence and a fine of €100 applies. Rehome Fee: €30 Dog Licence: €20
    +335 (44) 93 43934
  • Profile picture of Wexford Dog Pound
    Wexford Dog Pound provides Wexford's dog warden and pound service. Stray dogs will be taken by the dog warden to the dog pound where they must be kept for 5 days. TO RECLAIM – REHOMING – You can get a dog, which is suitable for rehoming, from Wexford Dog Pound. UNWANTED DOGS – Wexford County Council charges a surrender fee of €20 for the surrender of unwanted dogs to the dog warden. DOG IDENTIFICATION – If you don't have an identification tag for your dog you can be fined
    + 353 (53) 93 88339
  • Profile picture of Wicklow Dog Pound
    Wicklow Dog Pound provides Wicklow's dog warden and pound service. Stray dogs will be taken by the dog warden to the dog pound where they must be kept for 5 days. Rehome Fee: €25 Dog Licence: €20
    + 353 (404) 44873 Dog Wardens 086-2771695 /086-3846430