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Charlie is a very friendly, adorable and gentle boy who was rescued when a colony of wild cats were being neutered/ spayed. We don’t know whether he was dumped or whether he got himself lost but he has clearly been loved by a human at some point in his life as he is never happier than when he can settle on a welcoming lap and purr away for as long as he is allowed to. For this reason, we think his ideal forever home would be with someone who is able to spend quality time with Charlie and is at home during the day. It would be lovely if he could have access to outdoor space as he doesn’t seem to be interested in toys and so a wander outside would provide some welcome stimulation. His current fosterer is besotted with Charlie, both for his affectionate nature and for his impeccable manners. Charlie is very particular about his personal hygiene and he is in great physical shape with a beautiful soft coat. He is fully litter trained, easy going and ready to adapt to a new environment (provided plenty of rubs and cuddles are dispensed!). He is also not at all fussy about food and eats both dry and wet cat food as well as meat and fish.

Age: Approx 7 years old
Neutered: Yes
Vaccinated: Yes
Microchipped: No (reduced cost microchipping €15 available)


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